Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the 3Ms MENS, MACHINERY, MATERIAL

At REALM we are committed to be Leader Vendor in Quality Construction Fastener Solution based on :

• Our desire to make our clients successful, while creating stake holder value with Outstanding Quality, Categorical Assistance & Safety Standards.

• To Create a Culture that motivates our people in pursuit of excellence through innovation, differentiation and continued learning.

• To Positively Contribute to Society.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to to be India's leading marketeer for quality products nationally and be ahead of expectations of all its stakeholders. To Be India's Leader Marketer for Quality Products Company Nationally and "BE AHEAD" of expectations of all its stakeholders.

At REALM we are committed to the following :

• To supply our clients with not just products but support them with innovative solutions.

• To increase our clients’ productivity and profitability, without compromising on quality.

• Sustaining our position as a market leader in quality construction fasteners.

• Meeting the expectations of a competitive market.

• Creating stake holder value with outstanding products, categorical assistance and assured safety standards.